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Private Cooking Class


We provide personal cooking sessions in your home.  We will lead you through an entire lesson, leave you with recipe cards of the dishes we prepared and you will have dinner ready to enjoy!  

Choose from the items below (one dinner Item, two sides and one dessert) or call us with your own dietary needs and preferences.  We can cater a cooking session JUST FOR YOU!

Two Hour Cooking Session - $70*



Vegan Enchiladas

Non-Meat Loaf

Eggplant Creole

Vegetable Minestrone

Vegan Chili


Seasonal Vegetables

Assorted Braised Greens

Roasted Root Vegetables

Spanish Rice

Vegan Cornbread


Vegan Brownie Bites

Seasonal Fruit Crumble

*Price include the cost of food.

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